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Underwear to Apartments in Clinton Hill

Word from Clinton Hill in Brooklyn is that the old Kaiser Underwear factory at 970 Kent Street is, like so many great industrial spaces before it, going condo. According to The Kent's website, apartments are mostly in the $350,000-$500,000 range, with well over half already in contract. A Daily News article on the building today offers price data from the hood:

The Kent conversion comes amidst a boom in real estate values in Clinton Hill, said Suzanne DeBrango, a real estate agent at Brooklyn Properties' Fort Greene office. "Prices are a bit lower compared to Park Slope, which is a long-established residential neighborhood," DeBrango said, "but they are coming up so fast that the difference is almost negligible." The average brownstone in the neighborhood now costs about $1.1 million, and a one-bedroom costs between $220,000 and $350,000, DeBrango said.

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