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195 Bowery (Or, "What The Hell Are Those Beams?")

Our quest to check out new development on the Bowery ends a few blocks below Houston (and just a door over from the classy nightclub BLVD), where a slender steel frame pierces the sky. Perhaps you've seen the beams from Soho, or the Lower East Side, or even from Astor Place?it's a virtual new downtown landmark. So what is it? Inside, the reveal.

Would you believe... new luxury condos?

The building, named 195 Bowery, contains half and full-floor loft spaces. The prices, from what we can gather from the Elliman website, range from $575,000 to $1.7 million.

Disclosure: we toured the building recently with Elliman agent Natalie Rakowski, and the views are unreal. Photos to come, if we can choke them out of our sputtering Olympus camera over the weekend.
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