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Albany: The Next Austin?

Sad tidings?Curbed has readers in Albany. One reports via email:

Kudos to for your Albany report! This definitely isn't the Albany that native New York Staters visited on our fourth grade class fieldtrips. I fled Manhattan for Albany two years ago, and haven't looked back since?it has a thriving arts and music scene; a small but growing GLBT community (including the the oldest gay and lesbian community center in the country); lots of gorgeous historic houses just waiting to be fixed up; and NYC is just an Amtrak ride away. Heck, the city leaders even want it to be the next Austin, and Austin isn't amused.
The writer included some links, which we offer below on the off chance you're having the most boring afternoon of your life.
· Lark Street BID []
· Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council []
· Historic Albany Foundation []
· Tech Valley [] (See poll on the lower left hand corner: "Which would make Tech Valley Funkier?" )