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Curbed Readers Report

We get email! Mostly spam! But coherent musings do slip through our reject_all filter now and again. From today's mailbag:

1) Williamsburg Loft Update: "The wreck in the photo is actually a famous photo of the grand ballroom of the Book-Cadillac Hotel in Detroit. Who could imagine such a space in the central business district being so vandalized? If I recall correctly, that's being renovated into a Renaissance Hotel by the Ferchill Group of Cleveland. I know it was a joke by the realtor but there is the real story for ya!"
2) 195 Bowery I: "Yes, there are beams but it seems like you are really talking about the columns, which are a lot like beams until the contractor makes them vertical, at which point it's a column. It's nitpicky, but important."
3) 195 Bowery II: "You are right the views are amazing. thats why they are selling them before they put the skin on the building. the lot line windows make that southerly view seem miniscule. This trend of selling units before the finish them gives the developer a edge, if they were ceiling to floor windows that would work, but they are not."
4) Wither the East Village: "Did you also notice that?due to Lafayette's termination?those of us who live north of St. Marks and East of 4th Avenue are no longer in the east village according to JR Mount?"
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