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Paradise Found: Williamsburg Loft Rental on eBay

Yesterday's Craigslist marketing strategy for a Williamsburg loft was clever in its own sad way, but a Curbed reader forwards an even more genius scheme: an eBay auction for the right to rent a Williamsburg "artist's loft" for $3,400/month. Reads the auction listing,

Why not live your dream and move to the hottest art market in New York City? Just try it for one year at only $3,400.00 per month! Williamsburg, Brooklyn is THE destination for those interested in living in the next SoHo. Get in on the ground floor now!We concur: get in on the ground floor! After all, those one-year leases have been known to show significant appreciation!
· New York City: live your dream for 1 year in paradise! [eBay]