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Williamsburg Loft Auction Update: Bargain Before You Bid

Regarding the eBay auction for the right to rent a Williamsburg loft for $3,400/month, a broker familiar with the property emails,

That's funny. I don't know who's pulling this stunt, but I do know that those lofts have been on the market for a LONG time now. They are very nice, but completely overpriced. The building is 25% full for a reason.....I've had three of the lofts on my website for three months now (as an open listing) and everyone I've shown them to has balked. Who wants to eat at Dumont EVERY night and do their grocery shopping at Kellog's Diner? I know for a fact that the owners are going to make a dramatic price cut in a couple of weeks so call me before you bid...
Discreet inquires will be forwarded to the broker. No photos, please.
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