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Cleaning Day at Columbia

A Curbed operative sends along the above photo, writing,

In light of all the new construction going on across 110th Street, here's an example of some uptown beautification, which provides a window into the everyday nastiness that we all tend to overlook. Attached are some pictures I took this afternoon of two Italian renaissance apartment buildings being washed on Amsterdam Avenue, one of Manhattan's prime truck routes. Get a load of that filthy soot! The buildings look like they're being completely reclad. In fact, they're just being hosed down!

The building to the left is 434 West 120th Street, the Poinciana (built 1912). The building to the right is 435 West 119th Street, Laureate Hall (built 1911). Both are former SROs now owned by Columbia University and used as graduate student dormitories with ground floor retail.

Inside, a few more snaps.