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The Dorming Of Chelsea

Those not lucky enough to live in one of the dorm-style apartment complexes in our fair city may get lucky anyway. A Curbed reader writes from Chelsea:

So, this new apartment building has been going up on our corner for months now (20th and 8th). It seems complete, and we've been waiting to see if a rental/realtor office opens; out of curiousity we wanted to scope it, look at the costs. Nothing has, and it's seemed odd because they usually open buildings to prospective tennants long before they are finished. Last night, we came home and can see that every apartment has TWO sets of bunkbeds and furniture. Would you believe that we will soon be living across the street from a DORM? A New School dormitory. I'm sensing an influx of thick black framed ironic glasses, white boys with dreads, and girls wearing Guccis complaining about our corporate culture. Word.