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Beyond Dormandy: Curbed Readers Report

We asked, you told: what other apartment buildings in NYC share the college fraternity flair of the Upper East Side's legendary Normandie Court (a/k/a Dormandy)? The biggest vote getter was Windsor Court [155 East 31st Street], but that was hardly the only suggestion. Below and inside, emails from Curbed readers who know a good kegstand when they see one.

· "The new buildings along 6th Ave in the 20's are populated by many recent grads. Though I think that is changing as the rental market gets stronger. My brother and his girlfriend and a bunch of her friends all lived in The Caroline at 23rd and 6th. I don't know if the building will retain that feel, but I do know someone had a full blown keg party on the roof on July 10th, a fight broke out and NYC's finest had to come break up the 'festivities.' All very dorm-like in my book."
· "Windsor Court -- 31st btwn Lexington and Third -- just what your journalist is looking for. Actually the whole neighborhood is filled with recent college grads."
· "My building and those within eye-shot seem to be almost entirely populated by college grads, graduate students and other 20-somethings just joining the work force. I live at 99 John Street, although 90 John & 80 John seem to have almost identical residential make-ups -- mostly 20-somethings, with very few couples or families. I know there are a few toddlers living in the building but the resident dogs far outnumber them."
· From a Corcoran broker: "Windsor Court. The Murray Hill. Rivergate."

· "I think there is one building on the UWS, on Columbus Ave around 92nd/93rd street