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Wither Lower Avenue A?

Used to be, it was a hipster right of passage to be taunted out of Kim's Video by the pissy clerks. But, a Curbed reader notes, things may never be the same on Lower Avenue A:

I returned a movie to Kim's (avenue A) yesterday morning on my way to work. This morning Kim's staff are hauling boxes out and there is a huge sign saying that yesterday was the last day to rent. They will be completely gone by July 31st. Combined with the Gelb Lighting store vacancy on Avenue A (6th & 7th), Benny's Burrito down-sizing to eliminate their take-out store (though Benny's will still serve takeout from the 6th Street entrance of the main restaurant), a new wine store between 1st and 2nd, a huge new nursery between 3rd & 4th?a trend. What is happening to lower Ave A???