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160 Wooster Update: Sold!

A Curbed reader who recently toured the model apartment at 160 Wooster Street (and describes it as "absolutely stunning"?in a good way) submits a sales update:

An investor purchased 5C (you'll notice the floorplan is absent from the website) and has completely changed the floor layout (to be expected). The two $1.3-$1.4mm apartments that Michael Chapman listed in mid-June are now under contract. 5B is the least expensive option now at $1.55m. The same group that's doing 160W is also working on 129 Lafayette (and they've sold out Porter House on 15th St in Chelsea). I think only the penthouse is still available there. After these two buildings are completed the team is going to take a break until spring when they start on a new project in Tribeca.· Buildings of the Day: Soho 25 and 160 Wooster [Curbed]