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Buildings of the Day: Soho 25 and 160 Wooster

If you've crossed the top of Soho lately, you can't have missed the two sizable residential developments that are nearing completion on West Houston Street: Soho 25 and 160 Wooster. Curbed's downtown real estate spy files a comprehensive report on both buildings?including background on how the developers managed to build the first new residential buildings in Soho in 20 years, current apartment sale prices, and details concerning the obligatory high-end bathroom fixtures?after the jump.

According to the NY Post [via Wired New York], in 2002, "Two lots were sold by parking lot magnate Hank Sopher and his partner in those plots, developer Ian Bruce Eichner, who hooked up with the now Florida-based Sopher to have the land rezoned to residential... The first lot at 25 West Houston was sold to Metropolitan Housing Partners for about $9 million, while the second, at 60 West Houston, was sold for $7.8 million to Tri-Beach Holdings."

From New York Construction: "The strip was a parking lot when the original owner, Hank Sopher, decided to develop it in the mid-1990s. Bland said earning the approval of the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission required sensitivity to the heights of neighboring buildings, which have a higher skyline to the east along Mercer. The developers decided to build nine floors on the Mercer side, but only seven on Greene Street to the west