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Real Estate World Series: View from the Dugout

More buzz?pro and con?on the Real Estate World Series from inside the triumphant Corcoran empire.

· Corcoran's Marc Lawrence emails, "I was at the game as I am the manager and founder of the Corcoran team. The atmosphere was very intense?felt like game 7 of the real World Series. Elliman CEO Dottie Herman was at the game and Corcoran CEO Pam Liebman started at second base and batted lead-off for Corcoran." (At right, "The victorious Corcoran team lifts CEO Pam Liebman after victory over Douglas Elliman.")

· A considerably more cranky broker emails, "Who cares about who beat who in the Real Estate World Series? What a crock of shit that was. We were swamped with e-mails all week BEGGING all of us to come cheer on the millionaires as they lived out their broken middle school baseball dreams. I'd love to see Team Corcoran come out and play my team on Sundays in McCarren Park in Brooklyn, where manicured means picking up the broken forties and cinders that litter the (grass-less) outfield."

Okay, everyone! Good game! Ice cream at Ben & Jerry's on Marc!