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Ludlow Street Is The New Park Avenue

More insight on the "closing" of the 2nd Ave/9th Street Starbucks from Rob Sacher of Ludlow Street's Luna Lounge, interviewed at Gothamist:

That's why I'm talking about Chelsea. The price in Chelsea ? the increase will be only about 75% more. In other words, what I'll pay $15000 for in the East Village will only cost me $10000 in Chelsea. The Starbucks on 2nd Avenue and 9th Street just closed up because their rent went up to $28,000 a month.

And that's not even a big Starbucks.
No. And on Delancey and ?- what is it ? I think it's Delancey and Suffolk or further east. Delancey and Clinton, I think it is, there's a Burger King and their rent is going up to almost $20,000 a month, and they're closing up. They're being forced out.

The whole interview is worth a read, for insight on rock clubs like The Delancey and Rothko; for gem quotes ("Retail real estate costs more on Ludlow than it does on Park Avenue. That's your headline"); and a plea to commercial real estate brokers ("If somebody knows of a one or two story building where Luna could move to in Manhattan south of 34th Street, they should get in touch with me.")
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