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Yet More Openings/Closing

1) Abercrombie and Fitch opening flagship store at 720 Fifth Ave (@ 56th St) in current Fendi space [NYPost]
2) More retail turnover on Fifth Ave in the 40s: Build-a-Bear Workshop moving in, Barnes & Noble changing locations [NYDailyNews]
3) Whole Foods confirms store is coming to Avalon Chrystie Place on East Houston []
4) A Curbed reader emails, "everyone is always complaining about another starbucks opening up on their block. starbucks on 2nd ave and 9th street closed. now where will parker posey go to pretend that she doesn't purchase moch-frappy-ish drinks to maintain indy cred?" UPDATE 2:29pm: We shoulda known better?old Starbucks never die. Another reader emails, "Actually, that Starbucks just moved. Across 9th street, replacing an Italian restaurant that was on the corner."