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Third Watch in Park Slope

Blogger Jonathan Van Gieson is chronicling the filming of a Third Watch episode on his block in Park Slope:

8:55am: I walk to the grocery store to get yogurt. Third Watch is filming cops sitting outside our local bagel shop. Who knew TV could be so true to life?

9:33am: We stop in to buy a bagel as they film the scene where the cops drive down the street to park in front of the bagel shop. This looks to be an exciting 44 minutes of television!

12:13pm: The fire truck parked across the street from me appears to contain actual firemen, not actors.

10:28pm: I return home to find both sides of my street blocked off with orange cones. Perhaps tomorrow is the big day; Third Watch leaves the bagel store!

Day 2, 10:18am: A "Manlift" has been parked across the street! I think it safe to say that, in due time, men will be lifted.

The fun has only just begun.
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