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More On DiSco: Climbing The Walls

Curbed readers weigh in on the selection of Field Operations and Diller, Scofidio + Renfro to oversee the High Line redevelopment:

1) "DiSco is, indeed, the architecture firm of the moment. They are fantastic and I have no doubt that they will do great things with the High Line. But I do feel compelled to wonder about their obsession with wall climbing. While they have every right to rip off their own ideas, what is it with the public spectacle of wall climbers? Here's an image (above) I recall seeing a few years ago as part of their plan for BAM, very similar to the one they composed for the High Line."
2) "Isn't anyone coming out and saying how crappily fantastical this design is? It's almost impossible to realize any part of their plan. Floating movie screens? Rappelling performance artists? Elevated beaches? What kind of bullshit academic exercise is this? Field Operations has never finished anything. Nothing. Except for a lame little space in between two building on Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side. Boggles the mind."