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Time Warner Food Court Update: All Praise Keller!

She Loves NY ventures where we dare not: into the bowels of the Time Warner Center, sussing the status of its fast-sinking restaurant scene:

SCENES FROM A MALL (updates on time warner's food court, matty)
café grey ? picholine using kitchen until funds turn up for front room
ct seafood ?- chitown?s bankroll not yet able to support bow
masa ?- venue to be reinvented, poss. relocated in short order
per se -? fully booked
SLNY also reports on the closing of Park Ave South's Sage (strange?it worked so well when it was TanDa), and, on a sadder note, the terrific Lunchbox Food, which apparently couldn't hold out for the Olsen Twins' arrival at Morton Square.
· the pretentious* little one pager [SLNY]