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Curbed Readers Report

1) John Massengale, the man behind the excellent Veritas et Venustas blog, follows up on a reader question about dueling high-rises: "The key to the question is if there are any "lot-line" windows (windows right on the property line) in the tower next door. If there are, then the building must have tied up the air rights next door before the city allowed lot line windows. If the windows are a legal distance from the property line, just a few feet, then caveat emptor. This can all be checked at the Building Department."

2) A Brooklyn reader emails, "I just thought you might want to know that the current Third Watch filming is actually in Windsor Terrace (Prospect Park West btw. 16th and Prospect Avenue). I'm pretty sure that qualifies as the Terrace (since I live there, and the bagel place is called, in fact, Terrace Bagels), rather than the Slope."

3) Third Watch blogger Jonathan Van Gieson responds, "Depends on which realtor you ask. Some say that the Park Slope extends to the Prospect Expressway. So that the side of the street 'Terrace Bagels' is on would be Park Slope, while the opposite side (Farrell's) is Windsor Terrace. Others claim that Park Slope ends at 15th Street, where the park ends, and that everything south of that is Windsor Terrace. Since Windsor Terrace is now fashionable, realtors can bill it as 'undiscovered.' When we moved here, the realtor called it 'Park Slope.' This would all be solved if everybody would just adopt my SloWiTe acronym.

4) 601am blogger Aaron Bailey forwards a link to a Craigslist apartment listing that may make it worth your while to move to Chicago: "The other 3 bedrooms are occupied by 3 females from the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles."