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Magnolia Bakery Update: Dragging Out the Drama

Two more reports from the front lines of Bleecker Street in the West Village, where the famed Magnolia Bakery either is, or is not, closing.

1) A trusted Curbed operative writes, "'I'm sick of hearing it.' That's the response of Magnolia Bakery owner Allysa Torey, who adamantly denies that
the bakery most revered by anorexic hipsters is relocating or closing. Torey
acknowledged to me that customers have been calling and coming into the shop
for weeks asking about a move. 'I don't know what the deal is.' Clearly
they're tuning into the red-hot maret for storefronts on the west end of
Bleeker Street, where designers like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren have set
up shop. Torey says Magnolia has two years left on its lease, but has an
option to renew for five more years. 'So we'll be there for seven more
years, at least.'"
2) Blogger Miss Meghan, who wrote on her site that Magnolia is closing, emailed to clarify her source: "It was a woman in real estate I overheard in the spa, Eve, across the street -- did not get her name, i was just tuning in my big ears! Another thing she mentioned was that the flower shop's rent was 7K a month for 200 sq feet. Didn't mention magnolia rent."
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