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Celebrity Pique Reports

A smattering of today's distressed notables:

1) Howard Stern: After being outbid at the last minute on a $20 million property in the Hamptons, Stern has "had enough of looking of there for a while," Braden Keil reports. Back to the $5.5 million hovel!

2) The Olsens: Elisa Lipsky-Karasz[third item] says the twins won't pony up $100k for some new paint and walls in their new $7.3 million Morton Square pad.

3) Jean-Georges Vongerichten: "Eighteen years in New York, and I never had a one-star review; I don?t even know how to do a one-star restaurant. The hardest part is the staff. Nobody wants to work in a one-star place." Nobody else over at the Food Court seems to happy either, according to Beth Landman.