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A Townhouse for Ms. Portman

According to last week's Intelligencer, Natalie Portman is looking for something pre-war in Gramercy. Curbed's real estate spy offers up a few suggestions: "Nat, we hear you're leaving the Garden State for greener pastures in Gramercy. Although we applaud your move east, we have to say the pickings look pretty slim around the park. (Hey, whatever happened to Julia Roberts' old pad? Looks like it's back on the market!) Here are a couple of properties that might tickle your fancy. Commissions gladly accepted."

1) 1857 Gramercy Park Townhouse, $7.95m [Sotheby's]
Gorgeous 10-room 1857 Italianate townhouse including "deep French windows." Sassy!
2) 150 East 22nd Street Townhouse, $6.3m [Eychner]
Not exactly pre-war, but since you get to design it with the architect, you can fake the old school details.
3) 143 East 19th Street Townhouse, $5.9m [Corcoran]