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Voice, Press Columnists Tangle in Brooklyn

Continuing their weekly duel, Village Voice shelter columnist Toni Schlesinger and NYPress Property Tales author Jennifer Merin cast their eyes towards the far burgh of Brooklyn. A sampler of their discoveries:

1) Merin, interviewing broker Ken Freeman of Massey Knakal: "Lefferts Gardens, near Prospect Park, is hot. The neighborhood's got charm, beautiful streets, decent subway access and lots of upside. You can get a beautiful Victorian house for $650,000 to $750,000. Mixed-use buildings can be even less."
2) Schlesinger, interviewing a Kensington duo: "We were looking to buy, there and in Ditmas Park, so unaffordable, more than $300,000 for a one-bedroom, on not-so-nice blocks. When we came here, it was winter. I kept hearing the expressway outside the window... I grew up in Connecticut near I-95, the big interstate. Here, it's almost reminiscent."