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Terror Alert Update: Quick, To Sandy Weill's Bunker!

Regarding on our query about Citigroup's presence at 399 Park Ave., Curbed readers were quick to fill in the blanks. Selected responses:

1) "I work at Citigroup. We do indeed occupy most of 399 Park. LIC is not Citigroup HQ. We also do not own Citigroup Center, our trademark on the NYC skyline and likley target. Very heavy security at all Citi buildings, including mine at 111 Wall Street. We also employ over 16,000 people south of Canal Street."
2) "A market research site my company uses says that Citigroup still leases 16 floors in 399 Park, 600K of space. The LIC location houses a lot of backoffice functions?front office-type work is still heavily centered in Manhattan. They've got a ton of space across Midtown & Downtown, not just at one location."
3) "Citi does have offices in 399 Park, but only for the bigwigs. Sandy Weill and Rubin have offices on a low floor (can't remember exactly) and Citi has some conference room space there as well."
4) "399 Park Ave still houses Citigroup's corporate HQ. Executive offices, investor relations, public relations, etc. are run out of 399 Park, I believe. Salomon Smith Barney, a unit of Citi, is also HQ'd there. Citi also has a lot of operations at 153 East 53rd (Citigroup Center) and, of course, downtown (forgot where). Not sure what's housed in the L.I. City building, but they're building another, smaller building over there to supplement it."
5) "I think the putative target is actually 601 Lex (in the background of the Boston Properties photo), which is what all the library footage was yesterday on NY1. Given that it almost fell over without any nefarious intervention, I'm sure they figure if they simply get one 'leg' the whole thing would topple. I think they are underestimating just how much steel they need to displace."

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