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Terror Alert Update: Choosing Your Financial Target

One must wonder, does Al Qaeda have a better grasp of NYC financial real estate than our local journalists? A Curbed reader writes:

I was distressed to see that AM New York chose to run a COVER photo of the OLD citicorp tower at 399 Park Ave today along with a headline about Al Qaeda plans for attacking Citigroup properties, among others. Doesn't everyone know that Citigroup HQ is in LI City? Does Al Qaeda know? It's been at least 7 or 8 years since they've moved out, perhaps more. Maybe they continue to lease space on Park Ave? Or, was AM NY just being sloppy?An update from the same reader followed seconds later: "The NYT is also showing a pic of 399 Park Ave., which leads me to believe that there must be something 'citi' in that building, still. What's the full story? Where are their actual headquarters?" Boston Properties purchased the place in 2002, but Citi apparently still leases space there. Citifolk, what's the scoop? We promise not to tell the wrong people!
· 399 Park Avenue [Boston Properties]