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Curbed Readers Report

1) Regarding the Sutton Place lawn, a reader clarifies: "My parents live right nearby and my understanding is that 1 Sutton Place South is an apartment building a block or two south of Sutton Square (which the group of townhouses, including the one you posted on, b/w 58th and 57th). The NYT article is discussing 1 Sutton Place South's lawn and not Sutton Square's lawn. Also note, Sutton Square townhouse owners include the Heinz family and the official residence of the Secretary General of the UN."
2) Regarding yesterday's rant against an unsavory real estate broker, a savory broker emails, "It's too bad that shiesty brokers like the one in the FSBO story ruin the reputation for good, ethical brokers in NYC...there really are good ones. Please note that the large firms with good reputations would NEVER advertise a FSBO with or without the consent of the owner. The only way Corcoran (and others) include a listing is with a signed exclusive agreement and most of the brokers at my company really do represent their sides' best interests."
3) Concerning those fancy-ass stoves, blogger Miss Representation writes, "architects have known this for years -- I had someone get all cooler-than-thou with me about a Traulsen about 10 years ago (not that this statement isn't a cooler than thou gesture in and of itself). What makes them uber-chic is that they discontinued the model that was typically used in residential settings, so its like the fiestaware of refrigerators."

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