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Nolita Sinkhole's Quick Fix

Though apparently it takes years to get a sinkhole repaired in the East Village, the DEP rewards Nolita within the hour. Jen Bekman, owner of the Jen Bekman Gallery on Spring Street (@ Bowery/Elizabeth), emails:

there has been a sinkhole on my gallery's block for about a week now. a HUGE one. like, a gaping hole 5 feet across that people threw garbage into. there were police barricades up blocking traffic from the street, so i assumed that it was on the city's radar. but yesterday, it was still untouched, so i decided to report it to 311.

within an hour, people from the DEP were here investigating the situation. this morning, the hole is fixed and the block is reopened to traffic. i am flush with civic pride and loving 311.