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East Village Update: Cue the Apocalypse

Is it just us, or is the East Village slouching towards Gomorrah at a slightly accelerated clip these days? The Villager reports that last week a bunch of folks got together on a rooftop overlooking Thompkins Square Park "to proclaim the time has come to make a united stand to protect the special character of the East Village." Meanwhile, mere blocks away, a large sinkhole on St. Mark's Place sat, unloved and unrepaired. Reports?yes?The Villager, "The hole is big enough for a chair ? and, in fact, one has been in the hole for two weeks, though it is now broken."

The best part: the Department of Environmental Protection denies a report that they'll ever get around to repairing the hole: "We would never have told her that. It's just not within our timeframe. There are hundreds of these in an area like Downtown. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, sometimes less. Two weeks isn?t out of the ordinary." Broken chairs, a plague of sinkholes... Any guesses what the third sign's gonna be?
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