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Union Square South: Heroin, Mangoes on a Stick

Just so you don't get the idea that we're shilling for developers (God forbid!), we're duty bound to note that blogger Central Village thinks the site of a new development just south of Union Square (profiled here last Friday) ain't all that. Regarding the block (University @ 13th/14th), he writes:

This block has always been a sore spot in the hood...Back when the old Wendys was in business, they had the foulest and most disgusting garbage sitting out back there. Now that's been replaced by a colony of heroin addicted kids who are usually getting ruffled by the cops as I walk by in the morning to work...Then when I return, there are people selling bootleg software, sunglasses, handbags and mangos on a stick. Not to mention the constant line of idling busses waiting to be dispatched...Honestly, not the most pleasant place to settle down in...And for 1.8 million, you can do a lot better in the area. Maybe the new building will help clean up the block...I will be curious to see.
· Developing the Ghetto of Central Village [Central Village]