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Billowing Dust at Gwathmey's Astor Place!

Stop the presses! Apparently there was some sort of "explosion" at 445 Lafayette?aka Gwathmey's Astor Place "Sculpture of Living"?this morning. Blogger Jossip was there to overhear a conversation between construction minions as dust poured down from above:

Man Wearing Wifebeater: What the fuck was that?!
Man Wearing Dirty Wifebeater: I don't have a fucking clue!
[Dust pouring down from above]
MWW: Did he fall?
MWDW: What the fuck, no! [Pause] Did he?
MWW: [Mumbling]
MWDW: [Mumbling]
MWW: Oh shit, no, he's right there, then what the fuck was that?
MWDW: Is [name we're assuming belong's the the site manager] here yet?
MWW: I don't think so - I fucking hope not. Let's just get this cleaned up.
While we're on the subject, we've been remiss not linking to Gabriel Sherman's Observer article from a week ago chronicling all the changes at Astor Place and its environs, including this gem quote: "The things in the East Village not associated with luxury real estate are rapidly disappearing."
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