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Bowery Tower Party Report

Yesterday, we reported on a rocking party that apparently took place atop the under-construction Bowery Tower. Blogger Hot Potato supplies photographic proof, and reports on her party crash strategy:

Walking down 3rd street Wednesday night, we heard a band playing somewhere above us. It was a party on the 13th floor of a new building -- foundation in place, and nothing but net to keep people from slipping off the sides of the structure. We decided we'd crash if we could find the entrance. I rehearsed the story in my head as we rode up the freight elevator in case anyone challenged our presence. But when we arrived, everyone was too busy snacking on satay, drinking cocktails in the open air, or watching the cover band. With no walls, the 360 degree view was spectacular. We imagined what it would look like when it was finished and how much it would go for on the market (and how we could never afford to live there). It was not the most exciting party I've never been invited to attend, but the view and the free drinks made it worthwhile.

More photos from the top on the other side of this link.
· Bowery Tower Party [Hot Potato]