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Citigroup Center Update: Special Media Moment Edition

A final terror alert parable. In the shadow of Citigroup Center, blogger D-Nasty finds transcendence, of a sort: "I walked by the great structure, and saw the satellite trucks and news broadcasters outside. There was a time when I viewed them chiefly as buzzards about a flagging beast, signs of doom. No more. These are times for living, and a young man has not lived until he has ruined a Singaporan reporter's broadcast by sticking his head in her camera frame and waving his hands about in Satan signs while sticking his tongue out. For a few moments, I was huge in Asia."

In semi-related news, a Curbed reader emails, "Thought you may be interested to know that among Citicorp people the Citigroup building is known as Walt's Whistle after Walt Wriston, the chairman of Citibank at the time the tower was built, and for the fact that in profile it looks like a old-style tin whistle." As always, Curbed thanks you for sharing.
· Fun and Games With Al Quaeda [D-Nasty]