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Curbed Readers Report

It's only Monday afternoon, but we're already ready to crawl under our desk for a few hours. God bless the good readers of this website: your email allows us to produce "content" even in our semi-catatonic state. To the mailbag, Jeeves!

1) WHOR on Rivington? Blogger Morland emails, "I was thinking this weekend?will the Hotel On Rivington be referred to in acronym form? If so, how is one meant to pronounce it? What if W hotels bought it? Would it be the WHOR?"
2) High-end rental blowback! "What? Finding an apartment when you and your wife make at least $100,000/year is *not* hard (That's figuring they find a $5,000/month apartment, split down the middle, paying 1/3 of their income in rent each month, a generous take in today's market). Try finding an apartment that isn't in East New York on what most of us make a year, which is, last time I checked, nowhere f'ing near these Yuppies. Welcome to the nightmare."
3) East 20s doings: "Rumor has it that 3rd Ave. b/w 23 and 24th, West side of the street will be completely razed to make way for a gigantic apartment building. The quantity of empty stores on that block and the rumors circulating amongst the bartenders in this neighborhood leads me to believe that this rumor is true. Looking forward to your superior research skills to confirm the march of progress here in the medical/police district of Manhattan." UPDATE 4:18PM: You people are good. "Yair Lev recently purchased the buildings on this block for $30 million. He plans on building 150 'luxury' condominiums."
4) A plea from Jersey City. "I just moved from Williamsburg to downtown Jersey City. What was I thinking! Would you consider adding JC to your site map? You can read or and get some perspective about what's going on over here yourself. Lots of corruption -- lots of bad art -- good read anyway."

Excuse us for a second... bwahahahaah! That last one was just what we needed to make it through the day. You people are good. Who knows, maybe we'll even figure out how to turn on those fancy-pants "comments" one day.