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Toy Factory Lofts Conspiracy?

More on Brooklyn's hip new residential development The Toy Factory Lofts from a Curbed reader who smells conspiracy:

i was under the impression the party planners were incorporating the tried and true opening night method of creating a velvet-rope-type buzz outside?a good showing of hipster and artist types of all ages and ethnicities, endless waits, and a healthy dose of competitive anticipation?to mask the scam that awaits inside.
The units were only spacious if they remained undivided. One would have to sacrifice natural light or privacy if they were to divide any units into two bedrooms, as the marketing brochure suggests.

One wall of windows faces a five foot clearance from the neighboring building with hints of Metrotech peaking through, one wall faces the projects across the street, and one wall gets a decent view of the city, but probably only on the 8th floor, which, incidentally, they ain't selling yet. And I don't care what anybody says, its not in Fort Greene.

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