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Historic Rebranding of NYC's Skyscrapers

Everyone knows the Freedom Tower's height will be a highly symbolic 1776 feet. Writes Memefirst's Stefan Geens, "I believe that this practice will catch on, so as a public service I would like to propose historically more relevant names for New York's other tallest buildings." Among his suggestions:

· Chrysler Building, 1046ft: Hungarian Pagan Revolt Building (1046 AD)

· Citigroup Center, 915ft: Iberian Famine Center (915 AD)

· Trump World Tower, 861ft: Paris Raped Again by Vikings World Tower (Vikings sack the city 845 AD, 856-7 AD, and again in 861 AD)

· One Chase Manhattan Plaza, 813ft: Zero Usury Plaza (Usury was prohibited by the Pope (again) at the Council of Mainz, 813 AD)

· Bloomberg Tower, 806ft: Paper Money Tower (China invents paper banknotes, 806 AD)

· Historic Feet [Memefirst]