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Rant Du Jour: Developers Ruining Queens

ForgottenNY's Kevin Walsh goes a bit Zell Miller on real estate developers in a Gothamist Interview:

It's the local developers that are really ruining the city. There was this big, blowsy Victorian building on Boker Court in College Point, was in the middle of the street because it was built before the streets were cut through...but it's gone now because some clown wants a 4 or 5 family building there. All over Flushing (where I live at present), there are beautiful houses being ripped down and ugly blond brick boxes going up in their place... the kind with sunken driveways, concrete front yards and water meters out in the front. That's the future of Flushing, and it ain't pretty.
N.B. This post marks the debut of Curbed's new Queens category. This on the heels of a rare Staten Island post this past weekend. Outer borough residents, never doubt this: we care.
· Kevin Walsh, Forgotten NY [Gothamist Interview]