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The Decline and Fall of Gonzo

Nothing says NYC like the rapid fall from grace of yesterday's foodie fave. Blogger Gotham Gal returns to Gonzo in the West Village, which apparently is close to completing a grand traverse from hot to not:

We went around 7ish and left about 8. It was a Friday evening and the place was dead. Not a good sign for a NYC restaurant. My son had a sausage pizza which was just ok. We started with some meats and cheeses which were ok. My husband had the eggplant parmesean. It was served so hot they literally had fried the taste. Not interesting at all. I had the veal tenderloin. It was awful. No taste. It was like chewing on tough meat that was just taken off the barbecue too late. I also had some roasted red peppers as a side dish which were also bland. Truly disappointing.

So, if you are in the neighborhood of 13th street and you want to check out Gonzo before it closes, now would be the time because I can't imagine it lasting much longer. Yuck!

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