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Cooper Union's Psychedelic Pleasure Palace

We've been pondering the new Thom Mayne-designed Cooper Union building for the better part of the day. We've come to the conclusion that the exterior, which functions like a giant venetian blind of sorts, is perhaps?oh, how it pains us to say this?good. But it's indoors where we really get turned on. Ouroussoff's commentary in the NYT this morn serves as a worthy counterpoint to the architect's rendering above:

Mr. Mayne says that the Cooper building's screens will be more delicate, like a woman's nylon stocking. What is more, students will be able to control the screens from inside their studios. The effect will be more varied and unpredictable?less a vision of bureaucratic conformity than of a vertical hive buzzing with activity.A crazed psychedelic beehive where students can toy with mechanized screens instead of doing their work? At last, an architect who truly understands the ethos of modern education. Mr. Mayne, Curbed salutes you.
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