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In Dumbo, The Black Sludge Cometh

Has anyone alerted Tom Ridge to the nascent real estate development threat plaguing NYC? On the heels of reports of flying debris in Dumbo and on the Upper East Side comes another alarming Curbed reader report from Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Seems the residential conversion at 70 Washington continues not to play nice with neighbors:

Walking under the scaffolding around 70 Washington today I noticed a considerable amount of small glass pieces on the sidewalk?the entire length of the block?that somehow managed even to get below the scaffolding. But what I really hate is the musty basement scent emanating from the place. It could be due to the black sludge dripping down the facade, which I recently learned is the sandblasting material that looks like potting soil (trade name: Black Beauty) they are using to clean the concrete on the interior. It streams down the sidewalks and is making its way into the storm drains.
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