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Apprentice Broker Gets Paid For Jack

Deep within the Douglas Elliman empire, a tipster deciphers the listings machinations surrounding Apprentice contestant (and Elliman broker) Jennifer Crisafulli:

I'm a broker assistant at DE and last week after all these company emails about Jennifer, I checked her out on our website. The chick had sold maybe 5 properties and had 1 current $500,000 listing and two rentals. Then, as you reported, a bunch of new properties magically appeared?all in Trump buildings. But she's not the only exclusive broker. Notice how on each she's listed below Ilan Bracha?an EVP who is a big broker in both of those Trump buildings and has been for awhile. We suspect that he?in a very smart move I might add?is using her as a marketing tool to capitalize on her fame (for which she's probably getting a small %). No doubt people will be logging onto our/her website to check her out...and thus his exclusives. It's win-win as the exposure for those properties just went through the roof and her profile as a broker/price point she works in just skyrocketed. AND she's getting paid for jack!

Is this a great country or what?
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