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Curbed Readers Report: Let's Get Cranky Edition

1) Robert DeNiro's Tribeca hotel gets smacked. You say: "Damn, is this guy the worst developer ever??? Or does he just let his name get attached to real estate projects too freely? He's been tied to three mega film studio developments?Brooklyn Navy Yard, one in Jersey and most recently, one in Yonkers. Now there's this Nowhere Inn. Jeez, worse than Trump."
2) 74 Grand Street might be demolished after flood. You say: "Am I cynical? What are the chances 74 Grand Street and the vacant lot next door have the same owner? Would make nice luxury condos, no? You can't tell from the photos, natch, but it don't look like no Leaning Tower of Pisa to me, anyway."
3) Curbed adds Queens as a neighborhood category. You say: "Finally! I want to go to the top of the Citibank building and shout 'I am!'"

[Keep the good stuff coming:]