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7 World Trade Center Climbs Higher

Heartening news for downtown Manhattan's new skyline: 7 World Trade Center is now taller than its predecessor. Writes the NYT's David Dunlap, "It simply happened Tuesday morning, with no more ceremony than the steady hoisting of 27-foot columns into a two-story palisade framing the 45th and 46th floors." It will top out next month at 52 stories, 741 feet tall, though it remains without signed tenants. (Webcam shot via Project Rebirth.)

On the other side of the WTC Site, tests on the 40-story Deutsche Bank tower, long shrouded in black, show high levels of contaminates, complicating demolition plans. Miss Representation calls out Kevin Rampe: "The Times is reporting that perhaps Kevin Rampe's accusations of fraudulent claims on the part of Deutsche Bank were, um, stoopid."
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