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Broker Starts Weblog; Locusts Breed Upon the Land

This week's sign of the apocalypse: Brokerman, a broker at one of the big NYC real estate firms (and sometimes Curbed correspondent), has started his own weblog. One post relates the story of a client looking to spend $5,000/month to rent an apartment who can't get past an obsession with square feet. At the Trump World Tower across from the U.N., he writes,

If you are not familar with this building, let's just say that it is full service and layed out. If you want someone to wipe your ass at three in the morn they will send someone up to do it. So I show him a little 3 bedroom on the 47th floor that is amazing, and affordable (to him) and he balks when he finds out it is only 1900sqft!
Curbed wishes Brokerman well in this latest gambit to end his career.
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