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Fake Gym Scams Billyburg Hipsters

Oh man, this is gooooood. From Williamsburg, a Curbed reader reports:

Thought you should know of a potential scam unfolding. The Williamsburg gym that was supposed to open at 102 N. 6th St, called Core Health & Fitness. They never opened, got quite possible a couple hundred people if not more to drop $170 on a membership for an "about-to-open" gym and then bailed with the money.

A group of us are working with the Better Business Bureau and with someone at the Attorney General's office to bring the cons to justice. There's word that the landlord of the space they rented might have been in on it, but that's just speculation. He may have been played too. Hoping to rouse anyone else who was had by them into speaking up so we can all get our money back.

Rail-thin hipsters pumping iron? A con for the ages! (That said, it's Friday afternoon and we're feeling charitable. Related emails to will be forwarded to our tipster.)