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Drum Cooking in Midtown: WTF?

Here's a small, shiny gem from the House & Home section of yesterday's NYT that we somehow missed. An alert Curbed reader emails,

I'm sure you saw this article in yesterday's times, "Hell on Wheels: The Home-Wrecker in the Backyard" about the guy and his wife buying a 55 gallon drum/grill. The article itself was nothing to write home about, but as far as i'm concerned, the real question is, what are they doing with this monstrosity given that in the article they say, "We live in Midtown"?
A closer look at the photo accompanying the article raises further questions, among them: this is midtown? More importantly, who the hell uses a hand-powered mower? Concepts? Ideas? Anyone?
· Hell on Wheels: The Home-Wrecker in the Backyard [NYTimes]

UPDATE: Not midtown. A reader emails, "The party was at her parents' home, the same suburban backyard where they married.  Some editor must have cut the part where they drop off the grill."