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115 Allen Street Update: How Much to Live in Slumburbia?

At Memefirst, Felix Salmon analyzes the (fast-dropping?) pre-opening asking prices at new Lower East Side development 115 Allen Street, a former Curbed building of the day undergoing luxury gentrification. Let's just say he's got some doubts.

With five apartments in total, even if three of them are asking the bare $1.325 million minimum, that makes at least $9.9 million, and I'm sure that by the time everything is listed the total is going to make it into eight figures. On the other hand, if the penthouse does go for $4.5 million, I'll just hop on one of those flying pigs and leave a bottle of fine Scotch on the new owners' terrace. They'll need it.· 115 Allen Street Update [Memefirst]
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