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Toxic Mold Update: It's All In Your Mind

Strange tidings from the toxic mold beat. Turns out the parasite panic at 515 Park Avenue?the swank Arthur Zeckendorf development that's home to Jersey boy Jon Corzine and Vivendi dud Jean-Marie Messier?may have been the result of a synapse misfiring in the mind of resident Richard Kramer. Reports Deborah Schoeneman,

Real-estate sources now say the prevailing theory in the building is that Kramer (who didn't return calls for this story) may have brought mold upon himself by restructuring his ventilation system. One broker even insisted that Kramer's own lawyers are filing suits against him, a statement that couldn't be confirmed as of press time.
As proof that the panic has passed, a 5,000 sqft apartment in the building changed hands last week for $16.1 million, down from the original $23 million asking price. Naturally, "Buyer and seller each paid for two mold tests before inking the deal."
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