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New Restaurant Buzz

1) She Loves NY in full gear for fall, Matty: "lure -- 431 7676 -- one ring, jessica speaking, just 2?, 7 or 9"
2) NYC restaurant gossip at The Corner Table: "I didn't see much of Rocco DiSpirito this summer, but spies tell me he's lately been paying regular visits to 36 East 20th St., former site of Anju Lounge. Which could mean only one of two things: He's either interested in the space or dating a contractor."
3) StrongBuzz at Grange Hall replacement Blue Mill Tavern: "Opened by Steve Shlopak, a partner in Chumley's, Blue Mill feels great?much like it did as Grange Hall?with an American deco vibe, vintage booths inlaid with beveled glass, whirring ceiling fans, cherry red leather swivel bar stools, and a giant old clock from Paris' Gare du Nord over the bar." (See also Chowhound discussion.)