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The Crest: Apartment Bitching Taken To New Heights

We're getting emails about The Crest, the residential tower at 63 Wall Street that has some residents up in arms about apparently undelivered amenities. One reader tips us off to a message board for building residents. It's a private forum, but anyone can register to read posts like these:

does your apartment feel damp?: I have a problem. My apartment is damp. Like my bath towel doesn't dry out from day to day. When I put my shoes on this morning they were wet from my walking outside last night. My bed is cold and clammy. My sofa is damp when you sit on it. While I'm watching TV with my legs crossed, if i get up, i have to go slowly, because my skin is stuck together. I know this sounds gross, but I don't know how to make it stop.

Closet Opening to a Wall?: Does anyone have part (at least 1/3rd) of their closet in their "home office" opening to a wall instead of regular closet? The model unit we were shown had a full closet, but our unit is apparently on the old elevator bank or something and there's just a wall behind the door where the closet should be.

Stuck In Elevator This Morning: I am considering moving to the Crest and stopped by this morning to have a look at the apartment on the 4th floor I am considering renting. Upon my exit from the building I was stuck in the elevator on 63 Wall for about 10 minutes - not a very long time, however as a result I received a parking ticket at approximately 8:03am.

Just typical bitching, evidence of larger problems, or a sly attempt by residents to get rent reductions? Crest residents and those in the know, drop a line to
· Crest Opinions - A message Board for 63 Wall Street []