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Williamsburg: The New Meatpacking District?

Out in Billyburg, the hipsters are in revolt. Seems the fake gym scam on North 6th Street was only part of a larger climactic change. A Curbed reader emails from the front lines,

i've been living on this block for years ? and in the past 6 months it's been transformed into a mini meat packing district ? which is like a new form of hell ? if you want a lead to follow ? rumor has it that the bull's eye restaurant (which had a shelf life of about a month) on n6th street next to american apparel is being acquired or is going to be associated with le cirque and transformed into a three story high end eatery.
Jeffrey Chodorow, is that you? Dude, can't we please preserve the hipsters' native habitat? For, like, posterity? Or a Discovery Channel special?
· Williamsburg Gym Scam Update [Curbed]